About: Abdul Karim Pinckney was born and raised in The Bronx, NY, and converted to Islam in 1999. He was a student at Zaytuna Institute in Hayward, CA, for five years where he studied Maliki fiqh. He took bayyah with Sidi in 2009. He was also was an assistant to Imam Musa Abdul Ali in Mt. Vernon, NY, at Masjid Yusuf Shah from 2012-2015. Currently he is the Imam at the Farm of Peace where his duties include giving classes, assisting events, and giving Friday sermons. He has a yearning for helping beloveds come to know their Lord with clarity through revelation and reason, in the hope of reaching direct experience, with the result of an increase in love of God.

Approach: Imam Abdul Karim will be holding a reflection circle in Ramadan. Each week verses of the Qur'an will be selected and reflected upon with traditional commentary. In addition to the four weekly circles (1-1.5 hours), supplimentary recordings & recitations will be made by Imam Abdul Karim during the week depending on the needs of the students. Recordings of the circle will also be made available for those who cant make the time.

Aims: We aim to create an unconditional and non-judgemental space to encourage mindful listening, speaking and higher order reflective thinking. When possible, we will invite a guest speaker/teacher in a session to offer 'sohbet' or intimate spiritual discourse. The circle is open to all people of faith and no faith, both beginners and experienced wayferers on the Path. For more details on our approach, please see Hikmah Project Circles

When: Every Sunday over four weeks, beginning Sunday 2.00pm GMT 26th March 23

Where: The sessions will take place online. Participants will be sent a webinar link with joining instructions and access to a WhatsApp group for discussion

Materials: Participants are recommended to make their own notes and post questions and share reflections in their WhatsApp group.

Session 1 - Sun 26th March 23

Session 2 - Sun 2nd of April 23

Session 3 - Sun 9th of April 23

Session 4 - Sun 16th of April 23

Cost: The suggested course fee is £40 members and £50 non-members. However you may pay what you feel is reasonable for you

Please register and pay using this link

An introductory email will be sent by Fri 24th of March 23

1% of donations are used to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.