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The Hikmah Project is pleased to announce an Ibn Arabi reading circle in which we will explore the works of the Shiekh al-Akbar, the greatest spiritual master. Beginning with the writings of Michel Chodkiewicz, regarded as many as the scholar par excellence of Akbarian metaphysics in the English language, we will journey through his An Ocean Without Shore.

An Ocean Without Shore is a study of Ibn Arabi, known in Islam as al-Shaykh al-Akbar, the Greatest Spiritual Master. In the introduction, Chodkiewicz provides a good deal of documentation for the often-heard claim that Ibn Arabi has been the most influential thinker in Islam over the past seven hundred years. He shows that this has been true, not only among the intellectual elite but also among the common believers. He explains why a few Muslims have considered Ibn al-Arabi the greatest heretic of Islam, while for many others he is Islam's greatest spiritual teacher.

In the main body of the book, Chodkiewicz demonstrates that Ibn Arabi's writings are firmly grounded in the Koran. In doing this he also shows that Ibn Arabi's Koranic roots run far deeper than has heretofore been imagined. He explains the principles of Ibn Arabi's Koranic hermeneutics with unprecedented clarity, and in bringing out the primary importance of the Shaykh's magnum opus, The Futuhat Makkiyya, he solves a good number of riddles about the text that have puzzled modern readers.

Chodkiewicz's work shows how, for Ibn Arabi, the initiatory voyage is a voyage in the divine word itself.

Aims: We aim to create an unconditional and non-judgemental space to encourage mindful listening, speaking, and higher-order reflective thinking.  The circle is open to all people of faith and no faith, both beginners and experienced wayfarers on the Path. For more details on our approach, please see Hikmah Project Circles

When: Beginning on the 15th of June 2023, we will meet weekly each Thursday at 7.30-9.00 PM BST / GMT+1.

Approach: We will collectively read and reflect on the text together; we open each session with the Fatiha prayer, an intention from the Futuhat to be empty for Divine grace to carry us as we journey. When possible, we will also invite guest teachers for spiritual discourse or sohbet.

Where: The sessions will take place online. Participants will access a webinar link with joining instructions and a social media group for discussion. Details are at the bottom of this page, which participants can access once they have logged in.

Materials: Reading material: Participants should purchase Ocean without a Shore by Chodkiewicz.

Cost: Existing members may need to cancel their existing membership and take a new one under Ibn Arabi Reading Circle: Choose any option based on your financial commitment

£20/month - only attending the Ibn Arabi reading circle

£14/month - discounted - attending another circle

£10/month - reduced  (unemployed, students, single parents, low income etc).

For scholarship requests please complete this request form and once completed email thehikmahproject@gmail.com

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