The purpose of our study circles is to foster a space dedicated to introspection and the cultivation of higher-order thinking. Participants are encouraged to practice mindful communication—both in speaking and listening—as we journey together in this reflective process. The Hikmah Project is distinct from traditional tariqahs or spiritual paths and is not akin to an academic debate circle focused on rational discourse. Our circle is inclusive, welcoming diverse perspectives and schools of thought, allowing for a rich, open exchange of ideas and experiences.

Our educational approach emphasizes the principles of self-emptying, peer learning, and openness to new insights. This ethos is eloquently captured in the words of Ibn Arabi:

"We empty our hearts of speculative thought and sit in remembrance (bi-dhikr) together with the Truly Real (al-ḥaqq), exalted is He, on the carpet of spiritual tact (bisât al-adab), inner attention (murâqaba), presence, and readiness to embrace whatever comes from Him, exalted is He. Thus, it is the Truth itself, exalted is He, who guides our learning through unveiling (kashf) and spiritual realization (tahqîq). This approach is inspired by the Qur'anic teachings: 'Be conscious of God and He will instruct you' (Q. 2: 282), 'If you have a reverent awareness of God, He will grant you discernment (furqân)' (Q. 8:29), 'Lord, increase my knowledge!' (Q. 20: 114), and 'We have taught him knowledge from Our presence' ('ilm ladunnī) (Q. 18:65). When hearts and spiritual aspirations are directed towards God, seeking refuge in Him and renouncing dependence on intellectual speculation, our intellects are liberated and our hearts purified. In this state of inner readiness (isti’adād), the Truly Real reveals Himself, instructing us directly. This contemplative vision (mushāhada) imparts the inner meanings of divine messages and words in a profound, immediate interior vision."

Ibn Arabi, al-Futuhat al-makkiyya I, 89.26-30.


I’m a participant in The Secrets of Divine Love reading circle and the Ramadan circles led by Imam Abdul Karim. I’m very grateful to Allah to have guided me to the Hikma Project and to enable me to join these projects and circles. As a revert, I came to Islam through Sufism/ Islamic spirituality with an interest in Islamic metaphysics. For me, the Hikma Project is an enclave for these ideas to be explored and discussed, and on how they can be practiced within our din. The community here is very gentle, loving, and supportive. It’s such a joy to be in the circles receiving guidance, light, and insights in both the Ramadan Quran circle and the reading group. I am deeply moved by them after each session and have really strengthened my love of the din. They have supported and guided me on my journey I’m eternally grateful. May Allah grant this project success so that more seekers can be reached and benefit from it. Ameen. - Bo

Absolutely amazing content. Each guest is a practitioner and a master of their domain. Immensely beneficial knowledge with breadcrumbs and context to follow if one was interested in knowing and following more. Engaging interviewing style. - Shafique Memon

The Hikmah project is a welcoming place to learn and share for all. I am in eternal gratitude to the light that this project has added to my study of Sufism. The subject matter is always enriching as we learn about our hearts’ capabilities through humility and service to others. Bassem

The quality of the podcasts is excellent profound relevant deep questions are asked. The choice of the guests is superb - Nur

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the reading circle for the ‘Secret of Divine Love’. It was well organised and inclusive. We came together to share our thoughts on each chapter, to reflect on what it meant to us and share personal experiences. I felt Saqib created a safe space for everyone to be open and share relatable personal experiences without the fair of being judged. Thank you Saqib. I look forward to attending future reading circles 🙏🏽 - Nafisa

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