The aim of the Reading Circle is to establish an unconditional space where we can self-reflect and engage our higher-order thinking skills. It is recommended to observe mindful speaking and listening when engaging with others. The Hikmah Project is neither a replacement nor substitute to a tareeqah or spiritual path nor is it an academic reading circle designed for debate and argument where the discourse is rooted in rational analysis. The circle isn’t exclusive to any particular perspective or school of thought but inclusive and open to all.

Each session begins with the Fatiha 'opening' prayer followed by an intention:


We empty our hearts of reflective thinking, and we sit together with God (alHaqq) on the carpet of adab and spiritual attentiveness (muraqaba) and presence and readiness to receive whatever comes to us from Him - so that it is God who takes care of teaching us by means of unveiling and spiritual realisation. So when they have focused their hearts and their spiritual aspirations (himam) on God and have truly taken refuge with Him - giving up any reliance on the claims of reflection and investigation and intellectual results - then their hearts are purified and open. Once they have this inner receptivity, God manifests Himself to them, teaching them and informing them through the direct vision of the inner meaning of those words and reports, in a single instant.

Ibn Arabi, al-Futuhat al-makkiyya I, 89.26-30.