Reading Circle: Imam ‘Ali From Concise History to Timeless Mystery

It is as if the Imam is saying: enlighten yourself by means of the twofold light God has already given you: the light revealed through scripture, and the light breathed by God into your own intellect, resulting in ‘treasures’ which are, for the majority, buried under the rubble of forgetfulness. The Truth given to us by God through prophetic revelation, and by our teachers through formal instruction, must resonate with, and thus awaken, the Truth that resides in the depths of our own heart.

The Hikmah Project is pleased to announce a weekly online reading circle on Imam ‘Ali From Concise History to Timeless Mystery.

When: Every Thursday 8pm BST beginning 28th July 2022.

Where: The sessions will take place online. Participants will be sent a webinar link with joining instructions and access to a social media group for Q&A.

Materials: With the permission of Dr Reza Shah Kazemi participants will receive a free digital copy of the book.

Cost: To join the reading circle, simply signup as a paid member ($5/month or $50/year) and register here.

Approach: The reading circle will be facilitated by Saqib Safdar and involve attendees reading passages each week followed by a sharing of reflections or questions at the end. Each sessions will be for approximately an hour.

Please note - Dr Reza S Kazemi will not be facilitating the reading circle nor be directly involved in them.

For further details and any questions, please email

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