#19 Writing from the Heart with Jamila Davies

Jamila Vicki Davies is practiced in the art of healing as a Murabi in the Shadhdhuliyya Sufi Tariqa. Before becoming a Sufi, she taught hundreds of people the art of opening to the deep silence within as a teacher of meditation in the Vedic tradition. Her love of writing began more than forty years ago and in her master’s practicum in Spiritual Ministry through the University of Sufism, she developed a program of self-discovery and self-reflection called Writing from the Heart, which helps people open to their own deepest wisdom.

Writing for me is a process of opening to what T.S. Eliot calls “the still point of the turning world,” opening to the world of imagination where words appear on the screen of my mind like bubbles rising from a pond…

These words connect me with my own center in the world where center can be so easily lost. I love the sensation of sitting at my desk, pen in hand and allowing thoughts, feelings and emotions to flow, discovering in that flow the very essence of who I am.

Writing from the Heart
Host: Saqib Safdar
Guest: Jamila Davies

Paralleling the commencement of the Ḥikmah Project’s first online writing course Writing from the Heart for spiritual growth and healing we speak to teacher Jamila Davis about writing as a healing art and its connection through ṣūfī practice.
In completing her master’s in Spiritual Ministry at the University of Sufism (known as the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism at the time), Jamila developed writing as a spiritual discipline and her approach incorporates the teaching practice of stepping into alignment, opening divine receptivity, and reading and writing for heart and soul transmission, as taught by the gnostic, friend, and knower of Allāh (الله) the late shaykh (الشيخ) Sīdī Muḥammad al-Jamal ash-Shādhulī (سيدي محمد الجمل الشاذلي). What is happening in that process is streaming and tapping into higher consciousness.
At the time of her practicum, she received a ...

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