The Hikmah Project is pleased to announce an online journaling circle on the Secrets of Divine Love

Aims: We aim to create an unconditional and non-judgemental space to encourage mindful listening, speaking and higher order reflective thinking. When possible, we will invite a guest speaker/teacher in a session to offer 'sohbet' or intimate spiritual discourse. The circle is open to all people of faith and no faith, both beginners and experienced wayferers on the Path. For more details on pedagogy, please see Hikmah Reading Circle

When: Beginning Thursday 7.30pm GMT 26th Jan 23

Where: The sessions will take place online. Participants will be sent a webinar link with joining instructions and access to a social media group for discussion

Materials: Core reading material: Secrets of Divine Love Journal: Insight Reflections that Inspire Hope and Revive Faith - participants should purchase a copy before the session and may wish to obtain the book Secrets of Divine Love by Helwa too. The course will be supplemented with related reading material from Ibn Arabi, Rumi etc.

Approach: After an introductory session on the 26th Jan 23, we will have 13 sessions of upto 1.5 hours, covering a chapter of the book. We will begin with a short reading followed be a sharing of reflections.

Session 0 - Introductory session

Session 1 - Alla:the Origin of Love

Session 2 - Who are You?

Session 3: The Mysterious World of the Qur'an

Session 4: The Spiritual Dimensions of Islam

Session 5: Tawba: Repent and Retunr to Unity

Session 6: Shahadah: The Ecstacy of Oneness

Session 7: Salat: How to Tune into Divine Love

Session 8: Zakat: Giving as an Instrument of God

Session 9: Ramadan: The Holy Month of Fasting

Session 10: Hajj: A Pilrimage to God

Session 11 - The Spiritual Secrets of Death

Session 12 - The Mysteries of Heaven and Hell

Session 13 - You Are Loved

Cost: Please pay using the following links:  Members £50,  Non-Members £65.

1% of donations are used to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Registration will close on Tuesday 24th January 23.

If you have any financial difficulty or for further details and any questions, please email