New Course: The Fusus al Hikam of Ibn Arabi with Dr Hany Ibrahim

Fusus al Hikam

Course Details

Hany Talaat Ahmed Ibrahim completed his PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Calgary. He is teaching at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University, Canada. He specializes In pre-modern Islamic thought, Arabic Sufi literature, and Islamic art and architecture. He has recently published a book on Ibn 'Arabi entitled Love in the Teachings of Ibn 'Arabi (2023)

Aims & Objectives
The aim of this course is to deepen one’s understanding of Sheikh al Akbar’s work on the Fusus by exploring the nuances of the Arabic language used while grounding ourselves in the tradition of commentary in the Akbarian tradition.

Beginning with the Fuss of Adam, we will journey through the Fusus al-Hikam by taking a line-by-line reading of the Arabic supplemented with classical commentaries such as Qunawai, Jandi, Dawood Qaysari, and Abdul Ghani Nabulsi. Dr Hany Ibrahim will read and translate into English directly from Arabic while reflecting on classical commentaries. In the sessions, we will adopt a dynamic discussion-based pedagogy in which participants play an integral part to the unfolding of the course through their questions and sharing of insights.

Recommended to study the Grammar of the Hearts with Dr Hany Ibrahim - Level 1 Course - not mandatory


  • Do I need to have a spiritual teacher and be part of tareeqa or spiritual lineage - No
  • If I have a Sheikh, do I need permission from him/her to study the Fusus - Yes, its recommended
  • Do I need to be Muslim - No
  • Do I need to know Arabic - No, The course will be delivered in English but may involve more in-depth discussions around specific Arabic words.
  • I don't know anything about Ibn Arabi, can I still join? Yes, though you may want to be acquainted with Sheikh al Akbar before applying - books by Claude Addas or Michel Chodkiewicz are recommended.

Although not compulsory, it is recommended to get an English translation of the Fusus al Hikam:

  • The Ringstones of Wisdom by Caner K. Dagli
  • Bezel’s of Wisdon by Ralph Austin
  • Supplementary Reading: Sufi Metaphysics and Qur'anic Prophets: Ibn Arabi's Thought and Method in the Fusus al-Hikam by Ronald L Nettler

Session Dates and Time

  • Part 1 will consist of 20 sessions starting Sunday 19th November 2023 at 7.00-8.00PM GMT UK *estimated time - may change slightly if needed

  • Sessions will be recorded for self-paced study if participants miss a session.
    (In the future these may be published as a self-paced 'on-demand' course)

We have tried to be as flexible as possible, allowing both monthly and single payments while allowing a variety of payment options.

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Finance should never be a reason not to participate. If you require an alternative payment plan or scholarship, please email

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