Writing from the Heart Course with Jamila Davies - Feb 24

We are delighted to announce another six week writing course with Jamila Davies due to start in Feb 24.

Jamila Vicki Davies is practiced in the art of healing as a Murabi in the Shadhdhuliyya Sufi Tariqa. Before becoming a Sufi, she taught hundreds of people the art of opening to the deep silence within as a teacher of meditation in the Vedic tradition. Her love of writing began more than forty years ago and in her master’s practicum in Spiritual Ministry through the University of Sufism, she developed a program of self-discovery and self-reflection called Writing from the Heart, which helps people open to their own deepest wisdom.

Writing for me is a process of opening to what T.S. Eliot calls “the still point of the turning world,” opening to the world of imagination where words appear on the screen of my mind like bubbles rising from a pond…

These words connect me with my own center in the world where center can be so easily lost. I love the sensation of sitting at my desk, pen in hand and allowing thoughts, feelings and emotions to flow, discovering in that flow the very essence of who I am. Come join me for six sessions over 6 weeks, to listen for the words that bring wholeness, connection, and grace as the mind steps back and the heart speaks.


My name is Maysara Kamal. I am from Cairo, Egypt. "Writing from the Heart" was the first course I attend in Hikmah, and it definitely won't be the last! The course was a true heart opener with the guidance of Jamila and the beautiful words and insights shared by our lovely group. I am very grateful for this experience, and I'm looking forward to learn more through this beautiful organisation and its heart centred community!

Writing from the Heart Fall 24 Series for 6 sessions:

  • Tues, 6th February 24
  • Tues, 13th February 24
  • Tues, 20th February 24
  • Tues, 27th February 24
  • Tues, 5th March 24
  • Tues, 12th March 24 * date may be changed due to Ramadan

All classes will be online between 5pm-7pm UK
You can check your local time here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Places are limited to 10 participants, so booking early is recommended.
Booking deadline 31st Jan 24

Chose the payment option that works best for you:

If you require an alternative payment plan or scholarship, please email admin@thehikmahproject.com

**timings may be moved slightly, where possible, to accommodate participants if needed.


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